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 WELCOME TO Dark-Morality!!
 We are a Raid guild focusing on progressing through all of the current level 50 Slivers(10man) and Raid Dungeons(20 mans.)
 Please refer to our Raid Vidz section for Tutorials on Raid Boss Mechanic Videos.
 Happy Raiding!!! 
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Z-man, Nov 23, 11 6:38 AM.
NEW RAIDS!!!! ROS & GSB Leads to HK+

okay so We are 4/4 DH and 1/4 GP and WILL BE progressing Faster! we need to have EVREY raider within guild HELP EACHOTHER by Running with them and Raiding with them when ever we can.. for those WHO can't Make my Raid Schedule  for our 10 mans then Start pugging and bring guildies with you!!! Drag em through some Shit for BETTER END GAME RESULTS!!! for us all!!! we work together and we will accomplish together.. if you find yourself Well geard and bored... then HELP SOME ONE! its not all about you! its about US as a TEAM! so get it together and start progressing the guild!!

^^^^^^^ THIS IS HOW WE WILL RAID OUR 20 MANS!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^
If we get 10-15 of us geard right and FARMING  Dh/GP on the Norm. and MAKEN it to the end.. we will be in GSB and ROS kickin ass with ease. so please tell people about this site and get people to sign up for our Raids and Guild!

Ty , Z-Man
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